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So You Want to Apply to University in Paris



So, you decided to be brave, throw caution to the wind and study in Paris. Applying for a visa is a tough process, not for the faint of heart, and will be one of the most stressful experiences of  your life. Trust me, I picked up my visayesterday. But when you do get accepted, it will be so worth it.

 Now, be prepared for a few months of agony. I love the french but they are not the timeliest of people.

 Step One: KNOW that you want to study in France. The application process is difficult and time consuming, not-to-mention the fact that I received my acceptance letter from the Sorbonne in late May when I was told that it would be sent in early April. It was nerve-wrecking. Here is a tip – have a back-up school in mind so that you can send a deposit in just in case the process takes longer, like mine.

 Step Two: Choose a school, actually choose three. The campusfrance website requires that you choose three schools and programs that you want to complete. I chose Paris-Sorbonne IV, Diderot, Catholic University of Paris. Make sure you know what the program consists of and that you don’t mind enrolling in any of the three. If you do not get into your first-choice school the form is then sent to your second, then third.

 Step Three: Complete the Campus France Form. Ask your assigned Campusfrance adviser about the process, they will be much more helpful. When you turn in your form it will be sent to your first choice institution until they make a decision. Be prepared to wait more than a few weeks.

Bon chance, mes amis!

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